How to Add Multiple Users to a Group Chat

Are you only able to start a group "chat" by starting a group conversation in the message portal? If I wanted to start a group chat from any page that has the chat widget installed, can I not do this from the user picker in the chat widget??

(The chat on the far left was started from the message portal)

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  • Hey  - I just had the Chat functionality added to my staging site (found out about it from this thread, actually). I just tested your dragging suggestion, but it doesn't seem to work. The user's name just "hangs" in the chat window. I've tested with admin and non-admin users, members that are friends and not, but I see the same behavior each time. The only time I get the two users in one chat is when it's started from the /user/conversations screen. Here's a video showing two of the three users. I have a bunch of tabs/windows open, which might explain some of the behavior (the message posts multiple times in some cases, but seems to go away with a refresh). I tried to add the video here, but I'm not able to add it in the reply due to the filesize. I've put it in my company's support group though, so I assume you can access it. 

  •  It was in our private group which I assume  has access to, but it wasn't loading here. I'm trying to upload the video file again.