Is it possible to create a new report in 'Reporting' for a widget?

I want more reporting. Particularly, I want group reporting for its landing page. Or for a custom page.

I want to be able to view reporting such as here:

And have it say "Group homepage visits" (or Custom Page Visits).

It should then track visits to somewhere like  Verint Community or 

I don't want to have to embed a widget that shows a wiki document (or other content) to track the visits, because I don't want members to be able to navigate to that wiki document standalone, or whatever the content is.

Since this isn't available 'out of the box', I'm thinking this could be an 'invisible to the user' widget on the page, that then hooks into the Reporting which allows me to 'filter by group' to get the numbers, or simply lists the groups and their visits for the landing pages.

And/or it can also track Custom Pages. 

How can we do this? Is it possible to create a new Reporting section like this and only have it based on widgets, or can it be readily done in another manner for reporting without needing to rely on a widget?

We cannot rely on Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics for these metrics, people opt-out of cookies and block them these days, this needs to be done server-side like every other piece of content.

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