Plugin with method that fires every time


maybe a silly question, but is there a plugin type, which has a method, that will fire every time a user renders whatever page? Or event, or something similar.

Thank you 

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  • When a user logs in to our Community, we have an OnAfterAuthenticate event which creates a cookie, so the user is also logged in to another application running on the same domain.

    This cookie expires in a certain period of time. So we need a way to check if the cookie is still present and if the token in the cookie is valid. If not, create new cookie.

    It is solvable by creating a widget on every page (e.g. in footer) but it seems a little bit redundant to me if there would be a plugin which has a method, that can fire everytime user clicks.

  • There are a few plugins which fire as part of the rendering pipeline, but don't dismiss using a locked widget in the footer as this could call a custom velocity method/scripted fragment via javascript and as such not interrupt the rendering pipeline

    If you really want to intercept all requests in the backend you could look at the IHttpRequestFilter plugin