The best widget for listing content that is updated when there's activity on the content?

Aside from the activity stream, is there an alternative widget that is simple in its presentation?

For example, I want to be able to list blogs, like this:

  • Blog 3: Here's a title
  • Blog 2: Here's another title
  • Blog 1: Here's yet another title

Now, imagine that someone edits blog 1, I want the order to shuffle so that the one with the most recent activity is at the top of the list:

  • Blog 1: Here's yet another title
  • Blog 3: Here's a title
  • Blog 2: Here's another title

Now, let's say that someone creates a new blog, and then someone comments on Blog 3, that should be considered an update to activity, I would expect that the list would update like this:

  • Blog 3: Here's a title
  • Blog 4: Here's a newer title
  • Blog 1: Here's another title
  • Blog 2: Here's yet another title

This is very much how our members use and perceive content on the Community. They expect 'new' content to pop up to the top, and then content which has been engaged with to also 'pop' up to the top of the stack. At present it appears a lot of the widgets list content as it's created, and then hope that people interested in it would know it exists, and enable notifications for it, but that fatigues them and their inboxes, they spend more time managing their visibility rather than being able to look on a page.

What would a suitable widget for listing content like this be? Is there an existing widget which I can simply configure to do this?

Can I also use that widget for other content types, such as Forum threads, Articles and Wiki Documents? In the eyes of a user, all content is content and should behave the same or similarly.

If a suggested solution is to make a 'custom widget' to do this, what APIs can this rely on (especially where comments also come into it), and what attributes of content can be relied on to do this accurately or need to be compensated for? 

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