Is there an achievement automation for posting blogs?

I'm looking to add an achievement to our collection to award bloggers for the number of blog posts they publish. 

However, I can't find anything in the default automations list that covers anything to do with the number of blog posts published?

I've had a search in this forum and have found something but it refers to Telligent 10 and not Verint 12. 

Did the automation disappear for more recent versions? 

Does anyone have one they can share with me? 

I'm wanting to award our bloggers for their first published post and then again for their 25th published post too


hate this 'edit notes' thing when all I've done is something minor....
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  • Hi  , that's right, there's no out of the box achievement available on Version 11 and up specifically for publishing a blog (or 25). Only 2 sort of achievements. One that is awarded when a user receives a number of likes on a blog post and the other is when a user receives 5 or more comments to a blog post. You can create an automation and achievement when a blog post is created, just like when a forum is created. This needs to be written by a techy person. Or someone from the community might have it implemented already and hoping they can share it with you.