Can you suppress notifications when moving content (especially in bulk)?

We have a need to move content (of differing types) from one group application to another. We're using the core_v2_contentConversion.Convert script API to move the content, which I believe the individual move feature baked into the platform utilises.

Users who are subscribed in some way to the content, application, or the group (not sure which) get notifications like this;

Is there an argument we can pass into core_v2_contentConversion.Convert to suppress move notifications.. it's going to get really annoying if our content team is moving hundreds of pieces of content from one place to another, triggering a tonne of notifications like this.

I'm also surprised that the notification doesn't contain a link to the content that got moved.

  • Had the same situation in the past myself. I ultimately disabled the notifications altogether for 5 mins, moved the content and then reenabled that again. Granted it is a 'paardenmiddel' and not very elegant because we did those things in the weekend or even at night/low business hour. Would be more elegant to fire a script that tells the system not to send a notification.

  • Moving content generally defaults to having notifications suppressed, however that is not the case for forum threads when the user moving the thread is not the author of the thread.  You can disable the email by navigating to Administration > Email > Forum Thread Moved.

    As for the link to the thread that moved not working within the notification, I could not reproduce that issue on my out of the box install.

  • Ah, the email was coming from the 'Forum Thread Moved To Private Group' email, which was still enabled on our instance.. that doesn't have a link to the content in it, which is fair enough if the content has been moved to a place the user can't get to.

    We've disabled that email now, and all is good Slight smile Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.