Velocity Lists

 I feel like I'm missing something obvious but I haven't found it in the API docs so here goes: I am trying to create a sortable list of all of the applications visible to a user for a one stop subscription management (based on the very old Email Subscription widget for forums).

I can get each application by type with their respective list commands:

#set ($forums = $core_v2_forum.List("%{ GroupId = $group.Id, IncludeSubGroups = $includeChildGroups, PageSize = $pageSize, PageIndex = $pageIndex, SortOrder = $sortOrder, SortBy = $sortBy }"))
#set ($ideations = $telligentIdeas_v1_challenges.List($group.Id, "%{ IncludeSubGroups = $includeChildGroups, PageIndex = $pageIndex, PageSize = $pageSize, SortBy = $sortBy, SortOrder = $sortOrder }"))
#set ($blogs = $core_v2_blog.List())

However, I haven't been able to find a generic list constructor that would allow those lists of objects to then be added to a parent list (either iteratively or mass copy). I can combine them into a generic array, but then I don't seem to have the list functions that would enable a pager to work (because it's an array not a paged List).

I would use  core_v2_application Script API  but it is limited to 50 applications which is too limiting for my needs.

Anyone have any tips for the secret to creating a generic Velocity List in the Widget API?