How to re-send Email Verifications?

Our system is configured to require new users verify their email addresses before their accounts are activated. We had a small subset of new users who never received system generated email, such as the critical email verification message.  The actual email issue has been resolved, but we now have a backlog of prospective users who may have tried to sign up for the community but never got the verification messages.  Is there a way to re-generate and re-send verification emails to these users who may have fallen off the radar?

In theory we could use the reset password email to accomplish this, but it becomes a convoluted multi-step process because after receiving the password reset email and resetting their password, an 'unverified' user is then sent a new email verification message (which seems redundant, as they already verified by virtue of following the unique password reset link).  Knowing our users, jumping through all these hoops will only confuse and/or annoy them.