Alternative to Google Recaptcha - preventing spambots

We are close to launching our forum and had built our sign up form to incorporate Google Recaptcha. This caused the sign up journey to fail and so we have had to remove it. We now need to either find out how we can make recaptcha work or find another solution to preventing spambots ahead of our go live in a couple of weeks. Just wondering what other people have used? I'm also looking at the moderation settings to see if we can configure them in such a way that it doesn't impact on the experience of genuine new members signing up. It is also important that members can sign up without being pre-vetted and can post right away as they are often scared or in crisis. We ask members to sign up with an anonymous username, email address and password and don't collect any other data as we are a health related forum so anonymity and privacy is key to our membership. We therefore don't use 3rd party sign on options such as Facebook. Our current platform has a honeytrap built in to the sign up form and in 13 years we have never had a spambot. Any suggestions at this stage would be helpful

  • Hi  

    Just to clarify - you can use the Captcha that is provided out of the box as part of the user registration. 

    We have many clients using this captcha setting within the user login and create widget on the user registration page and have their users approved to post content within the community following registration (if needed a special automation can be run to meet your business needs). Is there where you are running into problems?