Query re forumThread list when retrieving by contentids

I have had an issue with the forumTheadList which seems to be responding differently in versions and

in 12.1.2 we could request a list based only on content ids as below (one listed below for simplicity)

$core_v2_forumThread.List($forumThreadQueryType, "%{ ContentIds = 'e1b5a50b-ac66-42b9-b001-379b19c6e90e', PageIndex = 0, PageSize = 10 }"))

but in 12.1.3 this no longer returns the expected thread and we needed to add some extra parameters as the widget had stopped working as expected

$core_v2_forumThread.List($forumThreadQueryType, "%{ ContentIds = 'e1b5a50b-ac66-42b9-b001-379b19c6e90e', IncludeSubGroups='true', GroupId = 0, PageIndex = 0, PageSize = 10 }"))

Is this an expected change in functionality as the documentation still shows the params as optional ?

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