Retrieve widget ID within a widget.

I'm wondering if there is an API call I can use within a widget that will give me back the WidgetID/GUID that I see in Widget studio.  I'm not interested in the Instance ID, but the actual WidgetID that would be the same across the entire site where ever that widget is on a page.

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  • instance Identifier...but the underlying GUID.

    Internally, the "instance identifier" is the GUID identifier from your screenshot. For IInstanceBasedContentFragments, that is what identifies unique instances of the concrete widget type (which is all scripted widgets).

    Maybe could add a documentation field in widget studio for a future release so we could document what our custom widgets do.

    Would documenting within a multiline comment in the content script not suffice? This would incur a minimal parsing cost since the parsed script's execution plan is cached (until there is memory pressure or a widget source edit).

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