Report for User Points for a Set Period of Time

I partner my community with our advocacy platform on Influitive.  It's really helpful to encourage participation on certain threads and to reward users that submit ideas that make it on our product enhancement roadmap.  I also use it to reward community members that really go above and beyond to help others.

I'm currently exploring additional ways to reward community members on Influitive.  I'd like to capture their user points in Verint for a set period of time (TBD) and then add those user points to their profiles in Influitive.  This would give community members a tangible reward for their contributions.

Is there a report I can run at the group level that would capture user specific information (name, email, etc.) and their points for a set period of time?  I have a leaderboard in place, but I'm wanting something that covers all the group members, not just the folks on the leaderboard.