"Scripted Extension Could Not Be Found" Error

I am struggling with some support files on some widgets.  Specifically, I am getting an error that says:

{"Errors":["The Scripted Extension could not be found."]}

It is a velocity file that is being called by:


I have verified the following:

  • The plugin installs with no logged exceptions
  • The widgets and associated support files are created properly in the filestorage directory

I have tried:

  • Simplifying "results.vm" from within the Widget Studio to eliminate any issues with the content of the file
  • Starting over with the plugins from a fresh install
  • Clearing out the existing filestorage directory for that plugin and its widgets.

I am seeing errors on the page itself (toast messages) because the file couldn't be loaded (404)

I am not seeing *any* errors being logged in the Administration > Monitoring > Exceptions.

On its face the message seems straight forward, but without any additional details, I'm not sure what else to try or where else to look.

Has anyone run across this before?  How did you fix it?