Telligent Services: Restricted Access for Telligent Community

Good afternoon,

I have been trying to use the plugin Telligent Services: Restricted Access for Telligent Community which "restricts access to the site by requiring users to login before accessing the site." I have enabled it in our production, however, the white page list for pages such as the Reset Password is NOT working. That is, the plugin is redirecting correctly to the login page if you are acting as an anonymous user, however, when I hit the reset password link, it redirects me back to the login page. I noticed that it seems that the white page list are has a textbox only allows one line instead of a text area that allows multiple lines and hence multiple URLs (or routes to different pages) to allow anonymous users.

I also noticed that our stage/uat community site has a better version of this plugin working correctly (it has the text area that allows for multiple lines for the white list), but in production and in dev environments, the plugin has only a textbox with several page routes in one single line. So, it seems that the redirection to whitelist pages is failing because the plugin is trying to build an invalid URL for redirection (by combining multiples routes). 

I hope this context helps you to help us with this.

Please, let me know if you have an update.

Thanks very much.

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