Deploying a Factory Default Widget Provider removes widgets from pages

I've created a Factory Default Widget Provider so that I can source control my widget changes. I create/edit widgets in a development environment then use the Factory Default Widget Provider to deploy those changes to UAT and Production.

When I deployed the Factory Default Widget Provider to UAT yesterday, it removed any of the changed widgets from all the pages that used them.

For example, I have a custom footer widget that was used on every page. I made some small changes to the widget code, then deployed using the Factory Default Widget Provider. This completely remove the footer widget from every page of the site.

I don't think this is correct behaviour, does anyone know how to prevent it.



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  • Were the widgets present when the page is in edit mode? If the widget has an error or doesn't render any content (perhaps due to a deployment/encoding issue or bug within the widget), the widget will not render on the page but should still be represented (especially if the widget is present in Widget Studio) in edit mode.

    Does any other process occur as part of a UAT deployment in your environment that may edit pages?