Profile - Calendar Events

How do I see my calendar events in my profile?

  • There is not currently an option to share calendar events from one's profile. 

    I've just been reminded that it is possible to setup the Event List Widget to only display the viewers events. Probably best not to place that one on the Profile Page. Viewers would see Their Events on Your Profile, but it could certainly be added to another page for members to see what they have registered to attend.. 

  • The widget (Event Calendar - Event List) Tom is referring to can be placed anywhere on the site, as it has configuration options you can choose from. Here is what it looks like:

    As Tom mentions, you can place this on the profile page and the widget will show for everyone on their own profile. When that user views their own profile, they will see their events assuming "View Type" is set to "My Events" - that solves your ask. The caveat however is if you go to another users profile page, you would also still see your own events, and not that users. I prefer that as I don't need to have everyone seeing what I register for, but it could be awkward for some.

    I like Tom's suggestion of adding a page that can be linked in your profile to see your own events, its a bit less of an awkward way and contextually you will know vising the page you will see only the events you've registered for.

    Happy to help talk through this or show you what we're talking about if you would like!