Email Digest and Activity Story GUIDs

It appears that the only place the GUIDs that are included in Email Digest by default is documented is in this old post from v10:   RE: Email Digest and GUID  

Is there a place to look up the GUIDs for other story types? I'm specifically interested in Ideas (OPs and Comments) but would love to know how to find these for the future.

  • Yes I would also be interested in this, in the latest build of v12 the defaults are 

    aba4d84614b9464f8318793d8a963fe1; 0a680cf3f19648c592dbdf8cebe3fe92; 948477cb045b40778bf17ce1a091db11; 333cc77c019644c5aefa6e35a0011ee8; cf26068cf6644050bf69f1d5c3e7eb1a

    Converted by using 

    IEnumerable<IActivityStoryType> activityStoryTypes = Telligent.Evolution.Extensibility.Version1.PluginManager.Get<IActivityStoryType>().OrderBy(x => x.StoryTypeName);

    Be aware that this will only list enabled types 

    Blog Posts
    Forum Threads
    Wiki Pages

    Can I suggest a new template for activity story types as per content types we have an end user asking the same question as to how they should configure this 

  • You can get information on enabled Activity Story Types by entering the following in a Studio Script Sandbox like Widget Studio's:

    #set($apiListResponse = $core_v2_activityStory.ListActivityStoryTypes())

    You can drill down into the result object to find the desired story type ids.

    You can manage story type enablement at Admnistration > Activity Stream > Activity Story Types.

  • Do these change version to version? This seems like it would be prime Article material to just run with all of the types enabled and document as a quick lookup.

  • The Ids will never change, only potential new ones be added.

    We do have a related ticket logged that would improve this selection process:

    TE-16380: Email Digest content selection should have user-friendly type selection configuration


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