Article How to move or edit a Wiki?

To edit or move a wiki you'll need to navigate to the applications options panel.  

Manage > Manage Wiki > Wiki Options:

From here, you can change with wiki's definition then click the 'Save' button for the changes to take effect:

  • Wiki Name: The name of the wiki.
  • Web Address:  A unique url key used to identify the wiki.  Must be unique per group.
  • Description:  Wiki description.
  • Group: The group the wiki is located in.  Can be changed to move the wiki to another group.
    • From any group to any other group, regardless of group level - for example, from a top-level group to a subgroup.
    • From a group to the wiki site root.
    • From the wiki site root to a top-level group or subgroup.

Here a few things to keep in mind when moving a wiki:

    • When a wiki is moved, all associated pages are moved with it.
    • A wiki inherits the group permissions page when it is moved to a group.
    • If a wiki is moved from a group to the wiki site root, it carries its original permissions with it, taking precedence over the site-wide permissions.
  • Enable this Wiki: Used to enable or disable the wiki.

You can also view key identification information here as well as delete the wiki.  Deleting the wiki will also delete all content from the wiki: