Article How do I configure Blog Post display options?

Blog Post display options allow you to control what content is displayed in a blog.

You can set options to:

  • Display posts on the blog's homepage.
  • Enable and customize the post summary.
  • Control the URL title.
  • Set a default post image.

To set the display properties:

  1. Navigate to the blog.
  2. Mouse over Management.
  3. Click Manage blog. The Manage blog panel appears.
    manage blog panel
  4. Click Post options. The post options panel appears.
    blog post display options
  5. Make or specify the following selections:
    1. Display posts on blog's home page - If enabled, posts are displayed on the blog home page.
    2. Use post summary - Enables showing a post summary rather than the full post in RSS, activity stream, email, and blog post lists.  
    3. Post summary length - By default, the post summary is 250 characters long. However, you can specify a different default summary length. 
    4. Automatic post names - The title in the post URL is the post name.
    5. Default post image - An image that is the default for all of the blog's posts. Upload the file.

  6. Click Save.