Article How can I use snippets within blogs to save time or reuse content when writing posts?

Blogs support a custom lists of snippets that are keyed phrases with optional links that can be referenced by keys within blog posts to reuse content and speed blog post creation.

Defining Snippets

To define a snippet, navigate to the blog, Manage > Manage Blog > Snippets, and click Add Snippet:

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Name - Informal name that will be used in a blog post to call the snippet. When authoring content you'll wrap this name in brackets to reference the snippet.
  2. Link URL - (optional) To link the text of the snippet when rendering the snippet, add the URL to link to here.
  3. Text - The text to replace the snippet with when rendering the snippet.

Click Create Snippet.

Snippets can also be edited and deleted from the snippet list on Manage > Manage Blog > Snippets.

Using Snippets

Snippets can be used when creating blog posts and will be rendered within the body of posts only (not in the title or other fields). 

If you created a snippet named name, you could render the snippet by typing [name]. When the post is shown in the community, the [name] snippet will be replaced with the text configured as the content of the rendered snippet.