Article How can I manage blog posts with Open Live Writer (formerly Windows Live Writer)?

Telligent Community enables users to blog using Open Live Writer (formerly Windows Live Writer). The following steps walk you through the process of configuring Live Writer with Telligent Community.

To setup Live Writer, 

  1. Open Live Writer.
  2. From the Blogs menu, select Add blog account. A blog service dialog window displays.
  3. Select Other blog service.
  4. Click Next. The Add a blog account dialog window displays.
  5. Identify your blog's Web address within the community. Test this address by navigating to your blog.
  6. Enter the blog address in the Web address of your blog text box of the Add a blog account dialog box.
  7. Enter your username for the site in the Username text field.
  8. Enter your password in the Password field. If your site is using single sign-on (SSO), you'll need to generate an API key to use as the password by going to Settings > Manage API Keys. If Telligent Community is not configured to use SSO, use the password you use to login to Telligent Community.
  9. Click the Remember my password check box if desired. Click Next. The Select blog type dialog box appears.
  10. From the Type of blog that you are using drop-down list, select Community Server.
  11. In the Remote posting URL for your blog text box, make the following change:
    • Configuring with Community Server using default authentication - In the Remote posting URL for your blog text box, change the URL  http://<hostname>/blogs/metablog.ashx to http://<hostname>/<group>/b/metablog2. Ensure that you replace <hostname> with your host site URL.
  12. Click Next
  13. Enter a name for your blog in the next dialog box and click Finish. The Live Writer window appears. 

You should now be able to manage your blog within Live Writer.