Article Redirect to SSL : Configuration



Redirects the current page to SSL if it is over an insecure connection.

Dropping the SSL widget on a page doesn't change any permissions for the group on the page.

The widget will not redirect to SSL when it is viewed in preview mode (such as when you are editing a page).


You should not add this widget onto a page until you have SSL set up and working on your site.

Where this widget works

This widget works on any page, but it only makes sense in locations where you want to redirect to a secure location from a non-SSL environment.


Prerequisite configuration

  • Enable SSL by changing the communityserver_override.config file to enable SSL.

Place and configure the widget

  1. Click Pencil Icon >  Manage [Site/Group] Theme > Edit this Page
  2. Select and place the Redirect to SSL widget on the page
  3. There is no further configuration of the widget in the UI. (However, as noted above, there are configuration file modifications to be made in the communityserver_override.config file.)
  4. Click Publish when complete.

    NOTE: Once you place the widget on the page and save it there, the URL for the page will change from http://~ to https://~.