Article Group - Mention List : Configuration



This widget displays content that mentions a group. This widget lists a configurable number of mentions for groups where you may or may not be a member. 

Where it works

This widget works on group, application, and post pages. It is also visible when you click the Mentions tab.


Place and configure the widget

  1. Click Pencil Icon >  Manage [Site/Group] Theme > Edit this Page
  2. Select and place the Group - Mention List widget on the page
  3. Click on   in the widget menu bar. The configuration dialog appears.
  4. You can change the title of this widget by replacing the text in the Widget Title box.
  5. Page Size - Define the number of mentions you want to list. The widget defaults to 15 mentions.
  6. Click Save to exit the configuration dialog.
  7. Click Publish when complete.