Article Group - Links : Configuration



Common action links related to any group such as membership and administration.


The widget options are shown according to context. Even if all options are enabled, they will only be displayed as appropriate for the page type and according to member permissions.

Where it works

This widget works on group and application home pages. When collapsed you access the options by clicking More.


Place and configure the widget

  1. Click Pencil Icon >  Manage [Site/Group] Theme > Edit this Page
  2. Select and place the Group - Links widget on the page
  3. Click on   in the widget menu bar. The configuration dialog appears.
  4. You can change the title of this widget by replacing the text in the Widget Title box.
  5. Collapsed - When not being accessed, the widget collapses and you access its options by clicking More.
  6. Enable and arrange the desired options to be available from the widget:
    • Bookmark group - Displays as "Bookmark this group." Adds the group to the bookmark list.
    • Contact ownersSends a contact request to group owners by opening the Group - Contact widget.
    • Contact requests - Opens the Group Contact Request list.
    • Edit theme - Opens the Group Theme Administration Panel.
    • Email digest options - Enables subscription to either weekly or daily group email digests.
    • Group RSS - Provides an RSS feed for the group.
    • Invite people - Sends a user (invited by name or email address) an invitation to join the group by opening the Invite Members Administration Panel. You must have Group - Manage Membership permission.
    • Join Group -  Displays a link to join the group to non-members.
    • Manage group - Opens the Manage Group Administration Panel. You must have Group - Manage permission.
    • Manage members -  Opens the Manage Members Administration Panel. You must have Group - Manage Group permission.
    • Manage pages-  Opens the Manage Pages Administration Panel. You must have Group - Manage Custom Pages permission.
    • New Group - Creates a new group.
    • Mentions Displays all mentions of the group by opening the Group - Mention List widget.
    • Review appealsOpens the Appeal Queue page of the Administration Panel. Displays only if the user has the Group - Manage Abuse permission. 
  7. Click Save to exit the configuration dialog.
  8. Click Publish when complete.