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Verint values every user that interacts with one of our communities built with the Verint Community platform.  We strive to ensure our platform delivers an outstanding experience surrounding accessibility needs. We have built our products to be as flexible as possible to ensure our  customers’ unique sites are configurable to accommodate users who may require assistive tools to experience a website. We listen to feedback from our customers, review changing requirements from the various accessibility standards, and improve the product over time to provide configurable options for our customers to leverage.

Software companies like Verint are in a continuous improvement cycle to make products that are as easy to configure, easy to use, and to be as accessible as possible to all types of users. Technology and accessibility standards constantly evolve so reasonable business and technical considerations are made to optimize the online experiences for all users.

Our take:

Verint Community is designed to be themed and configured based on our customers’ demands. We strive to adhere to WCAG for accessibility where and when possible. If issues are found that we have not yet resolved and we think through review they are an enhancement to the product, we will work to fully understand the issues experienced and through our planning lifecycle add them to the product.

We are aware some of the issues that are reported can be easily be addressed through implementation or configuration to the product today. These configuration items tend to be the majority of issues we see, and we strongly advise an engagement with professional services as part of the implementation to ensure as many of these are addressed prior to launch.

We strongly recommend reviewing the design tips outlined by W3C as you build your community site ( in order to maintain compliance.

Other considerations:

The Verint Community platform provides many configurable options for customers to achieve the varying degrees of accessibility requirements they may have.  Beyond the out of the box configurable settings, the Verint Community platform can be extended, integrated with, and augmented by other 3rd party tools designed specifically with accessibility needs in mind.  There are many tools available for users with impairments to use that are standard functionality for computers and browsers, such as: screen readers, screen magnification, assistive technologies, and keyboard shortcuts. Encouraging use of those technologies will bolster your accessibility compliance and are compatible with Verint Community as a standard website.

Additional Resources:

For additional information about web accessibility, visit:

Contact us if you have any questions, need guidance, or want to report an issue regarding accessibility.