Article How can I enable visitors to authenticate through Live Connect?

Although this client works on non-secure (that is, non-SSL) communities, it is highly recommended that you use SSL (HTTPS) in a production environment. Non-secure connections should only be used for testing purposes.

Enabling potential members to authenticate and create accounts by integrating with Live Connect can simplify the member creation/registration experience. This guide identifies the steps to enable authentication through Live Connect.

Register a new application on Live

  1. Log into Microsoft Live.
  2. Navigate to to set up a new Live application.
  3. Click Create application.
  4. The Microsoft account Developer Center appears.
  5. Name your project in the Application name field.
  6. Select the language you desire in the Language drop-down list.
  7. Click I accept. The Edit Application dialog box appears, where you can add your logo, terms of service URL, and privacy & cookies policy URL.
  8. Click API Settings. The API settings window appears.
  9. Select whether your app will be a mobile or desktop client app. (For a web app, the answer is no.)
  10. Enter your domain in the Target domain field.
  11. Select whether to restrict JSON web tokens to this application. The default is Yes.
  12. Enter the redirect domain (
  13. Click Save.
  14. Click App Settings. The client ID and client secret appear.
  15. Copy and save the App ID and App Secret values to another location. 
  16. Click Save changes. Once registered, Live Connect will provide you with security details. 

Configure the Live Connect plugin

  1. Navigate to Administration > Authentication > External Linked Authentication > Live Connect
  2. Copy your client ID into the Application ID field.
  3. Copy your client secret into the Application Secret field.
  4. Click Save.

Use the Live Connect sign-in

  1. Navigate to your Telligent Community site.
  2. On the Sign-in screen, click the Live Connect logo.