Article How can I enable visitors to authenticate through Facebook?

You must enable SSL/HTTPS access to your community and have a public terms of service policy to use Facebook authentication for Telligent Community.

Enabling potential members to authenticate and create accounts by integrating with Facebook can simplify the member creation/registration experience. This guide identifies the steps to enable authentication through Facebook.

Register a new application on Facebook

  1. Log into Facebook.
  2. Navigate to to set up a new Facebook application.
  3. Click Create a new app. The Create new app ID dialog appears.
  4. Fill in the desired App name in the Display name field, add a contact email address and save.
  5. When prompted, select the  Integrate Facebook Login scenario.
  6. From the left side menu under the Products heading, select Facebook Login  then Settings.
  7. Ensure that Client OAuth Login, Web OAuth Login, Enforce HTTPS, and Use Strict Mode for Redirect Uris are all set to Yes.  This should be the default for new apps.
  8. For the valid OAuth redirect URIs field enter https://your_community_root/linkauth/facebook where your_community_root is the root url of your community.
  9. Click Save Changes.
  10. Return to Settings on the left navigation menu and select Basic.  Record your App ID and App Secret for later use.  

Configure the Facebook plugin

  1. Navigate to Administration > Authentication > External Linked Authentication > Facebook
  2. Click the Enabled check box.
  3. Provide the following configuration option values from the registration details from Facebook:
    • App ID: The App ID copied from Facebook.
    • App Secret: The App Secret copied from Facebook.

  4. Click Save.

Sign into Community Server with Facebook credentials

You can use your Facebook credentials to sign into your Community Server site.

  1. In the sign-in page, click the Facebook logo.