Article What is ideation?

Ideation is an idea presentation and evaluation application

Ideation is Verint Community's application for presenting ideas, evaluating them (with voting arrows), and making action/no action decisions on them.

How Does It Work?

  1. Ideas are presented in the Ideation application.
  2. Readers comment, ask for clarification, and upvote or downvote each idea.
  3. An administrator evaluates each idea's votes, decides which idea is to be completed (or not completed), and signifies the decision by changing its status in the application.

What do the out of the box idea statuses mean?

  • Under Review - This is the basic status of any idea, such as when it is first written. It includes when ideas are being voted or commented upon.
  • Coming Soon - The administrator has evaluated the votes and comments, and has determined that the idea is viable and timely.
  • Not Planned - The administrator has evaluated the lack of votes and comments, and has determined that the idea is not viable or timely.
  • Complete - This status signifies that the idea has been completed.

What do I change or add idea statuses?

  • Administration/Applications/Content/ Ideation

How do I create an Ideation?

Please follow the instructions in the What is an application? article.