Article Revert group permissions to default

You can revert group role permissions back to the default, restoring default permissions granted to newly created groups. To see whether or not a role's permissions have been customized, select the role in the Manage group > Permissions tab. If the Revert button is available, this means the role has been altered at some point.

Notes: You can't revert selected permissions; they are all reverted at the same time for either one role or all roles.

As an example of using this option, suppose a previous administrator created or administered GroupA. You receive complaints from members in this group that they can't create blog posts, even though you have granted the blog Create Posts permission to the Member role at the group level. If you look more closely at the Members role in GroupA, you notice that the Revert button is available, indicating the role's permissions have been altered at some point. You would select the role and use the Revert button, resulting in GroupA Members being able to successfully create blog posts.

Revert group permissions back to default

To revert group role permissions:

  1. Navigate to the group home page, Manage > Manage group > Permissions and select the desired user role. 
  2. Click Revert.
  3. Click Save.

(See also: Permissions defined)