Article What is liking?

Likes are used to express a positive opinion on content. Using likes, all community members have the ability to express positive sentiment. When members like a piece of content, status message or comment, they can promote its rank in the community and increase its influence.

Content can only be liked once by each member. Liking by anonymous users is not supported.

Liking differs from rating in that:

  • Liking tells you whether or not others like content, and who else liked it. When a piece of content is liked, the message below it displays a full count of likers and a full list of liking users (in a pop-up window when you mouse over the number of likers) . 
  • Ratings supply you with a quality judgment scale, and could be considered a more objective content quality measure.

To review content that was liked by a member, navigate to their profile > Likes.