Is there a way to add notifications at the wiki application level like there is for wiki page and wiki comment notifications?

There are blog and forum application level notifications but there is no way to turn on or have wiki application notifications.  Has anyone found a way to automate or customize wiki application notifications?

  • Hi Chris,

    Are you referring to the Activity Stream stories? Stories for app types can be enabled at Administration > Activity Stream > Activity Story Types.

    If you're referring to notifications such as live alert and email, enablement for those is at Administration > Notifications > (Notifications or Email). There's no out-of-the-box notifications for blog or forum applications there, however.

  • Hi Steven,

    Actually this is for turning on notifications at the wiki application (top) level.  When at a wiki page you have these options (if the widget is added to the page):

    We would like this at the main level and it would allow notifications for new posts.  Currently it is just for page edits or comments for already created posts.  Does that make sense?

    BTW, in Administration > Activity Stream > Options we have Wiki Pages and Wikis Always On - Hidden although I do not know what this does or how it works even though I have read the documentation on it.

  • Ah, ok. Each app is implemented differently, but this is doable with some customizations to the wiki widget of your choice (e.g. the Wikis - Links widget from your screenshot), to expose a similar option that calls the  core_v2_applicationSubscription Script API  to set or unset the subscription.

    And you are referring to  What is an activity stream? documentation showing the possible options?  The Always On - Hidden option means that all stories for that content/application type are published, and users cannot opt out (the option to opt out is hidden). I will make some updates to clarify that section.

  • Thanks Steven.  I will look into the API and see if we can implement that customization.

    Regarding the activity stream documentation, I just read it again and I see what is meant better and probably does not need and clarification to it but if you see where any would be helpful I will let you do so.

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