Prioritising threads in a group

If we prioritise a thread, it's usually because it's a moderator announcement. But the thread is necessarily placed in one of the six forums in our group. So it appears at the top of that forum, but not at the top of the thread list for the group. How do we make prioritised threads appear at the top of the group list as well? We don't need anything complicated - the same prioritisation setting can apply to forum and group.

  • You could tag those forum threads with a tag like "Moderator Announcement" or something that works for you.  Then use a Tagged Content List with User-Defined tags setting to the same tag.  Downside being, that nothing would stop an end user from using the same tag and having their content show up in list.

  • Thanks. I thought there would be some workarounds. But posting a moderator message as a locked thread that stays at the top is such common practice that I was hoping we could just use a setting on the thread. Maybe this needs a suggestion?

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