Unpublish option in Galleries

We have a set of Media Gallery files that we'd like to create but keep hidden from members for a while. My thinking is that we can create the files without publishing them. Question 1: Will unpublishing a media gallery file keep it hidden from users? 

In order to unpublish, I'm discovering that you have to publish first. Then, go into Manage Gallery/Files and click Unpublish on any file that you want to keep hidden. This seems clunky. Question 2: What am I missing? Is there a way to unpublish a media gallery file without having to publish it first?

  • You could create a new Media Gallery as a seperate application within the group (Manage Group > Applications) and select Disable after it is created.  

    Then all of the content within that Media Gallery will be hidden.  I haven't tested, but I think you can move files between this hidden disabled Media Gallery and your live one.