Updating an Idea's Challenge and Status via REST (v11)

I want to do one thing that reqires two calls in V11 and I need some assistance.

What I'm looking to accomplish is this:
1) Move ideas to a different challenge id
2) Change the status of the idea and optionally add a comment

My preferred language is PowerShell, so please don't judge me on that.


My header looks like this:

Name                           Value
----                           -----
Rest-User-Token                b[You Don't get to see this]=
Rest-Method                    PUT

When I use 'api.ashx/v2/ideas/idea.json?id=[ Idea Id Here ]' to query for the idea, then I get back what's expected - details on the idea.

Problem 1)

When I try to send a PUT request to the same URL (without the query parameters) with the below data body it doesn't return correctly.

BodyData = {
id = "Id of Idea"
ChallengeId = "Id of target challenge location"

I know that I have the ID's correct, because I can query the Idea and Challenge endpoints to get them.  According to this documentation, everything should be in the body of the request and no query parameters should be used.

Problem 2)

The second problem is that I have zero idea how to do the IdeaStatus updates or add a note.  The above linked document shows that it's been marked as obsolete in V11, but there's some documentation that I'm missing.

I'm looking at this documentation but I think that applies to the status itself (the list of possible statuses) and not changing the idea status.

If someone has a code example of these two things working (it doesn't need to be in PowerShell), I'd appreciate the help.