How do you control Response body output in INavigable with when response code is not a 200

If there is an error (e.g. 401, 500) in the implementation of an INavigable request handler, how do you return a non-200 response code without the platform formatting a canned response as HTML?

This is what I'm doing now:

But, it's returning a 500 error rather than a 401, and it's also returning a block of HTML.  I'd prefer an empty body, or one that I can control based on the expected content type.


  • Is this a custom route and is it a page, file, json/xml response?

  • It's a custom REST API that implements INavigable because it needs to allow for anonymous users to call it.  But the behavior varies depending on the user's role, so in some cases I need to kick back an error.  All calls should return application/json, except one which returns text/csv.  For the text/csv, I just want to return some plain text, like "Unauthorized".  For the application/json, it would be something like { "Errors" : [ "Unauthorized" ] }.  (or whatever the error actually is).  But, if the response code should be 401, I'd like to see that rather than a 500.

  • If you are not already, you should be  adding it as a Raw route, and do not use RestException.  That is meant to be used in REST which is a different infrastructure.  Really you don't need to throw an exception at all.    You should be able to do what you are doing, set the status code and end the response.

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