Cannot Get core_v2_roleUsers.IsUserInRoles To Work In Automation


I'm trying to use the core_v2_roleUsers.IsUserInRoles within an Automation rule but I cannot get this to work, basically the Automation is triggered on User.AfterUpdate but as soon as I try to check for a given Role we get an exception.

Here is the automation implementation javascript:

var userId = context_v2_automationTrigger.Arguments.Id;
var user = core_v2_user.Get({Id: userId});
var userName1 = user.Username;
var AdminRole = "Administrators";
var AdminResponse = core_v2_roleUsers.IsUserInRoles(userName1, AdminRole);

core_v2_eventLog.Write("UserId:" + userId + " Username:" + userName1 + " Checking Role: " + AdminRole +" AdminResponse: " + AdminResponse + " .", { Category: "Automation" });

The idea being that I want to check and see if the user just updated belongs to Role 'Administrators', then I can perform other tasks after that check.I am writing out to the event log to check if this is working and seeing the values come across.

Am I doing something wrong?

This is what I see in Exception Log:

(An error occurred while trying to render a widget. Details of the issue were logged for review by the administrator.) ---> Telligent.Evolution.ScriptedContentFragments.Model.JavaScriptException: Line 5, Column 0: TypeError: No public methods with the specified arguments were found.
 at IsUserInRoles(userName1, AdminRole) @  20:5
 at call(Jint.Parser.Ast.ThisExpression) @  0:1