User Invitation

I have two questions:

1. Why isn't the "User Invitation" Link showing in my Site Banner, despite being enabled?

2. Is there any way of awarding points to the user that sent the invitation, when an invitation is accepted?

I don't have any groups, except the "site root" group.

  • The user invitation link (for site access) is enabled for all authenticated users when Administration > Authentication > Account Activation Mode is set to "Invitation Only" 

    The "invite a member" link will be shown under the user's avatar, by default, in the Site Banner widget (along with Profile, Settings, Sign out).

    A new points automation could be created using the "UserInvitation.AfterAccept" automation event. The invitation's UserId is the user who created the invitation and the AcceptedByUserId is the user who accepted the invitation. Note that group invitations will have a GroupId/GroupMembershipType specified whereas site invitations will not.

  • In that case, I need a combination of Automatic and Invitation Only as Account Activation Mode. Would this be possible?

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