Bug-ish Behavior: Copying Polls

I found out yesterday that copying polls does not work in a logical manner. I'm not sure if the outcome is the intended behavior.

A user asked me to help them set up a fairly lengthy survey on our community. A bunch of the questions were nearly identical except for each question needing a 2 word change and one of the answer options needed a 2 word change. I didn't want to keep writing the same thing over and over, so I copied and pasted the original question as many times as I needed it. Easy enough. I then went in to each poll, made the changes I needed, and reviewed in the content editor. Everything looked good and had the changes I needed.

After posting, I noticed that all my copy/paste questions and edits were identical copies of the last copy/paste poll I had edited so I had 6 of the same question in my survey. I went back in to edit and all the questions and answers looked as intended in the content editor.

To test a theory I was starting to develop, I went into one of the polls and made a small change. Sure enough, after hitting post again all the copy/paste polls reflected those changes.

I do see that the source code references the same poll ID, so therefore the changes aren't really happening in the content editor and are stored elsewhere. But I for the sake of us community managers, it would be much easier if a copy/paste poll triggered the creation of a new poll.