Updating User Profile Field REST Endpoint

How do you update the user profile field REST endpoint with a name and value for a Single Select? This is what I currently have:

_saveCountry = function(context) {
	return $.telligent.evolution.put({
	    url: jQuery.telligent.evolution.site.getBaseUrl() + 'api.ashx/v2/userprofilefields/country.json',
	    data: { 
		    'name':  context.countryname,
		    'value': context.country
	    success: function(response) {


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  • The documentation for UserProfileFields is incorrect (its actually the documentation for UserProfileFieldGroups endpoints).

    UserProfileField Update has the following parameters

    Name (string)

    Title (string)

    FieldTypeId (int) - look in cs_Profile_FieldTypes in database for these ids

    FieldTypeChoices (string) - use format _FieldTypeChoices_VALUE = LABEL

    IsSearchable (bool)

    So you would pass them in like this:

    data: {

    _fieldtypeChoices_{countryname1}: countryvalue1

    _fieldtypeChoices_{countryname2}: countryvalue2

    _fieldtypeChoices_{countryname3}: countryvalue3