Move Question permission for role other than system admin

Hi All,

I need to assign the "move" feature to my forum managers. At present only managers of particular groups can move content within other groups where they are a manager. How can I assign the move threads function to all forum managers? Moving content is not an option in the application fields. 


  • In order to move a forum thread, the user needs the following permissions:

    • Forum "Edit Discussions, Questions, and Replies" permission for the original forum
    • Forum "Create Discussion/Question" permission for the destination forum
    • Forum "Create Reply" permission for the destination forum (only needed if the thread being moved has replies)

    Applying the permission depends on how you have your forum managers set up. I'm guessing they are in the Managers group role for each group they are a part of? If so, you would need to go group by group and assign the permissions to each group's Managers role. If they all happen to be part of a site role, then you can manage the permission at the site level from Administration > Membership > Roles.

  • I have over 400+ groups and each group has its own group manager role. Confirming that means I have to go into all 400+ groups and click Edit Discussions/Questions to allow them to move questions.

    I was hoping there was an easier way.

  • You can do this programmatically, for instance using Permissions REST API. Given a list of groups, call SetPermission for the Managers role for the group to allow the three permissions above. 

    In Community v12 we are introducing a way to manage Group Default Permissions, including overwriting existing group permissions with a new default. But for 11 and earlier this would need to be custom code.