Edit theme for groups still available?

In previous versions you could add custom styles, style sheets, javascripts, etc at a group level that would get applied on top of the site theme.  Is this still available in V11?  You could even opt to NOT include side headers and footers or not inherit from site theme.

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  • Any legacy properties that had values at upgrade time are preserved. If the options are not in theme configuration in the front UI, it's possible that no group had custom stylesheets defined at upgrade time. Alternatively, if the site was upgraded and these options were preserved, reverting the theme implementation can remove these options (since the base implementation no longer has these options by default).

    As far as adding these options, it would be a UrlList configuration property (limited to CSS/LESS files) defined in the theme and rendering of those files via $core_v2_widget.GetEmbeddedFiles($propertyName) in the theme's header script and rendering each file into an appropriate <link /> tag using the URL from $core_v2_widget.GetExecutedEmbeddedFileUrl($propertyName, $fileName) (to support processing LESS functions).

  • What do I pass for "$propertyName" in $core_v2_widget.GetExecutedEmbeddedFileUrl($propertyName, $fileName) 

  • The ID (internal name) of the property from which the file was retrieved from the theme's configuration. Same as GetEmbeddedFiles(propertyName)