Not receiving Email Notifications


We are having an issue for not receiving Emails . We using Telligent version 11.1 .

Tried to Test Event Calendar Emails for all the Event Calendar Email Notifications , for that we have created Events in the calendars and user the registered to the Event for that we are not receiving Event Registered successfull Emails .

Also we have updated the Event for that also not receiving emails , as well cancelled and other Email notifications Event email is not received.

Finally we tried the "Send Preview Email" as shown in Screen Shot 1 , we would like to know is there any configurations we have to configure in the Administrations-->Site-->Email options as shown in Screen Shot 2.

Please guide us where the issue occurs and how to fix it.

  • Is the job service running?  That is the only time I have seen the emails not work.

  • Hi Navy,

    Yes, Job services are running fine. For safer side , uninstalled Jobservices and Reinstalled and Tested the "Send Preview" Email option thats not sending email.

  • We just went through something similar a few days ago. Here's a few things to check to help narrow down the problem:

    Notifications: Are your users still seeing notifications, but no e-mails?

    Administration > Monitoring > Exceptions: Are there any exceptions for "EmailUnableToSend"?

    Administration > Monitoring > Events: Are e-mails going out at all? They would show up as something like "Telligent.Evolution.Api.Plugins.Notifications.GroupMembershipAddedNotificationType email sent to 4780"

    Administration > Jobs: Are your jobs showing as future events (ie, Scheduled to start in 15 minutes) or in past tense (ie, Scheduled to start 8 hours ago)?

    For us, it turned out that a server patch had turn off the job service, so by going to Run > Services.msc, we were able to turn on the Telligent Job Services. We also restarted our server. Our users weren't seeing notifications or e-mails, and it turned out no other jobs were running either!