Custom HTML in a Post/Article

Hi guys,

We are new to Telligent.

We have been able to build a Page (Static Page) with some cool HTML using widgets.

However, when we go to publish an Article, we cannot find a place where we can do the same.

How could we add custom HTML into an Article?


  • Hi and welcome.

    When creating any content, you should be able to include custom HTML using the editor tools. If what you need isn't available, you can click Tools > Source code in the editor and alter the html directly there.

    It sounds like you might be asking about adding a widget to a specific content page, which can't be done any more granularly than at the group level (ie, any widget change you make to a content page will be made to all content pages of the same type in that group).

  • Hi Steven, thanks for the answer! Yes, we would like to be able to publish Articles with custom layouts, just like we do with Pages, but without affecting other Articles.

    I already tried to "Manage Blog Theme > Edit this Page" on an Article we just published, but the cool changes we introduce will be reflected on all of the Articles, and this is not good for us.

    Ideally, we would like to have a custom layout for some Articles (not all), just like we do with Pages.

    Is there any workaround to accomplish this?

    Many thanks,

  • I'd recommend starting by looking at the Developer Training on Themes and Widgets to learn the basics. You are able to customize the theme and widget layout per blog, group, and for the whole site, so if you'd like a certain group of posts to have the same layout, they should be grouped in their own Blog (and other posts put in other blogs either in the same group or different).

    Pages/Generic HTML widgets aren't really designed to be the place you regularly post content as they are static and don't display content items that benefit from all the platform core services like commenting and liking.