Ideation Status Filters sometimes returning empty despite content

Sometimes, but not always, and not always for every user of the same permissioning level, when selecting/changing a filter for idea status, the version 11.1.1 OOTB Ideas- Idea List  widget will report no results despite there being content in that status type.

Example: User changes from "With any open status" to "With any closed status" and the widget renders as if there were no ideas that match the criteria, but selecting either "Currently Not Planned" or "Currently Complete" does render the appropriate content for the more narrow filter. The URL appends with the pifragment[number]status=!closed for selecting the closed filter (and other options as appropriate for the others)

It's not generating any exceptions and since it's an out of the box widget with no customization, not sure what to look for or where to start tracking down why this is happening. It was happening before adding a new status in Administration>Applications>Ideations>Statuses but seemed to uptick after doing so. I'm wondering if I should start by expiring user caches.