Bulk Post Creator - Sort of Migration?

Hi all. We have a weird scenario in my organization where we don't actually have content to migrate, but users with a lot of content to create in our new community want to know about bulk creating posts. They've all said the ideal scenario would be to create an Excel file or database with the necessary fields, and then pull that in. It sounds simple, but I don't have any clue if or how that could be done.

To simplify the explanation, let's say the user has the following Excel file (but way bigger - hundreds of questions):

Creator Topic Body Tags
Joe Smith How do I create a new member? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis convallis dapibus commodo. Cras sit amet dolor id magna tempus commodo eget non felis. Vivamus in ultrices nulla, eu luctus dui. Fusce varius viverra mi ac viverra. Fusce leo libero, varius eget viverra eget, tristique eget sapien. Duis tincidunt nec justo at dignissim. Member, Account
Sandra Help How do I find information? Nulla pharetra, dui ut placerat eleifend, odio arcu vestibulum nunc, ut iaculis metus dui vel tellus. Aliquam a metus ornare, hendrerit lacus eget, blandit mi. Nullam vel cursus diam. Sed malesuada commodo aliquam. Suspendisse rutrum non mauris sit amet vehicula. Search, Information
Vi Thompson How do I request a community? Nunc sem neque, vulputate eget tincidunt eget, maximus eget risus. Quisque iaculis ligula sed ipsum mattis, ac convallis lectus consectetur. Praesent tempus sollicitudin magna, ut dictum lacus interdum in. Integer tincidunt sit amet velit placerat pharetra. Community, Request

Now they want to push all those into a very specific Q&A forum. Right now they'll have to copy and paste over and over. They'd prefer to be able to import all of these as new posts. Even if they all had to come from the same member, it would be a better process.

Any ideas?

  • Hi Jillian,

    This can definitely be done via our APIs. Check our documentation page and select Api documentation for your version. It may also be helpful to browse the Developer Training section for any relevant articles. Your case seems best approached via an external tool that utilizes REST to read the excel file (or other input format) and create posts in the appropriate place by the appropriate user. Other options include creating a combination of widget and plugin to upload and parse an input file and create posts from that.

    We do have a Professional Services division if you are interested in discussing an engagement there in lieu of doing your own development.

  • Thanks. I'll dig in and take a look. And I'll reach out to Professional Services. Thanks!