Group rename issue (automatic redirect)

We encountered an issue related to group renaming and the automatic URL redirect created by the platform when a group is renamed. We had a group experiencing issues (a different problem for a different day) so we decided to create a new group to replace the old. We wanted to keep the group's url so we followed these steps:

  1. Created a new group that mirrored the old
  2. Changed the url of the original group to append '-orig' to the url
  3. Changed the url of the new group to have the old url.
  4. Made the original group Private (unlisted). We didn't want to delete it in case we ever needed any of the old content.

What we didn't know is that the platform tracks url changes in the dbo.te_UrlRedirects table. So, whenever anyone tried to go to the new group (that now has the original url), they were automatically redirected to the original group's new url (-orig). While troubleshooting, we found an old post ( that suggested renaming the new group again, and then change it back to the desired url. The problem is that because of the dbo.te_UrlRedirects record, we could not get into the new group's options to make that change. We ended up hacking our way to a resolution by manually editing dbo.te_UrlRedirects, clearing caches and restarting the application pool.

What is the recommended way to handle this situation?

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