Notification message is not coming proper by plugin

Hi all

I have create a plugin by following the code suggested on url .

(+) Notifications - Developer Training - Telligent Community 10.x - Verint | Telligent Community

I need to send notification on users when any user like a comment and to achieve this functionality code is below.

Apis.Get<ILikes>().Events.AfterCreate += LikeEvents_AfterCreate;

_notificationController.CreateUpdate(new NotificationCreateUpdateOptions
ContentId = contentId,
ContentTypeId = contentTypeId,
LastUpdate = DateTime.UtcNow,
UserId = contentAuthor,
ActorIdToAdd = actorId,


this is not the full code, it is only event triggering code. 

Notification is going to user but not in proper format showcased below.

please suggest me whatIi need to 

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