How can I save a Brandable Navigation widget with another color scheme?

I currently have a master Brandable Navigation widget that is configured with our site theme color. We use it across all of our groups.

I would like to replicate that widget and save it as a new widget with a new color scheme. I have tried changing the color inheritance to match the group color scheme but it does not retain the changes. 

Any ideas?


  • Hi Lisa! We're a bit late following up on this one, my apologies!

    Copying the widget is pretty straight forward: Go to Administration section > Interface > Widget Studio > find the Brandable Navigation widget > click the "..." next to the name and select "Save as copy"

    In terms of modifying it to achieve what you're wanting to do, as that is a custom widget, I encourage you to discuss with the folks that built it to ensure the proper protocols are followed with modifying the widget.

    Thank you!