Telligent Popup Window not closing automatically after upgrade to Version

when I try to change my Avatar image and hit "Save", the pop-up box doesn't disappear, I get the "invalid action" icon over the save button, and the Avatar image doesn't update. I experienced this when uploading my own image from my computer and when selecting a set Avatar image. When I hit the "X" button in the upper right corner of the pop-up box the box closes and the new Avatar image appears in my profile. 

When the user hits "Save" the pop-up box should close and the Avatar should be updated. May I know how the popup is closing automatically?

  • I cannot reproduce this issue with the version you mentioned (or reproduce it on this site which is close to that version). When the issue occurs, are there any errors in your browser's javascript console?

    If you don't know how to get to your browser's javascript console, can you identify which browser you're using and I can provide guidance.

  • There is no errors logged in console.

    May I know the list of script files that are part of the popup closing functionality. And how the popup is closing when we show the popup.

    This may help me to identify the issue?



  • The pop-up is rendered within an IFRAME. That IFRAME loads jquery.min.js, telligent.glow.min.js, jquery.validate.min.js, telligent.evolution.min.js, and ui.js (implementing $.telligent.evolution.widgets.changeUserAvatar). There is also some initialization script rendered directly into the content of the IFRAME's HTML. With these scripts, the ui.js file makes a call when the save button's behavior is complete, to $.glowModal.close() -- this function is defined in telligent.glow.min.js and causes the pop-up to close. For the close to work, the IFRAME communicates with the parent window (which should also be rendered by the community). The parent window also includes most of these script files, but the pop-up IFRAME communicates with telligent.glow.min.js to close the pop-up.

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation. The issue was close method is different in new version. Fixed that.