REST API - Emojis

Is there a way to pass emojis into and out of any of the blog, blog comment, forum thread, or forum thread reply endpoints?  

Even when I add an emoji though the UI, it does not appear to be sent out of the REST API in the body of the text of whatever content it was created in.  

Here is a sample blog post I added an emoji to using the Insert > emoticon 

But when I pull back the blog post, the body text looks like the following:

"body": "<p>some body text here</p>\n<p></p>\n<p>updated here</p>\n<p></p>\n<p> grinning face before</p><div style=\"clear:both;\"></div>",

  • When creating content via REST, you can insert the unicode character sequences for specific emoticons and they will be interpreted before the content is committed into the Telligent Community token format of [emoticon:GUID]. You can also insert emoticons directly using the Telligent Community token format if you know the GUID identifier of the emoticon to be inserted.

    When retrieving content, it appears the default content rendering mode removes the emoticons as you found. You can override the default rendering mode by adding the PostTarget querystring parameter to your REST request and specifying:

    • "Web" -- this will render the content for direct website rendering. This is how content is rendered on the website via widgets. Emoticons will be processed into direct image references.
    • "Raw" -- this is the unrendered/stored content and will return the Telligent Community token format for emoticons.
  • I looked at the documentation for fetching a forum thread, and for PostTarget the description is "Do not document this property".


    Is there a reason for this?  More specifically, is there a reason why we shouldn't make use of it in tools that we expect to be around for years?


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